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Before coming to Puravida I ran marathons. Some were by myself and some were with a great group of running friends.  I absolutely loved to run!

I started running when I was 16 and once I discovered marathons, I trained for one every other year.  On my "off years" I'd run a half marathon or the Twin Cities 10 mile race to keep up with my training.    

I covered a lot of ground in my running days - completing a total of 7 marathons, 7 half marathons and 12 ten mile races along with many 5Ks and 10Ks sprinkled in between.

As you can imagine, that took quite a toll on my knees.

I'll never forget my last marathon.  The day before heading to Duluth, I sat in the office of an orthopedic surgeon. My knee was giving me some pain and I wanted to make sure I wasn't about to do any long term damage.  

The doctor gave me some pretty clear advice that day: "if you have a sharp shooting pain from your knee to your foot I want you to walk off the course. Any other muscle soreness... keep on going."

Walking off the course meant I would need to quit the race. 

Hmmm... I wasn't sure I could do that.

The heat and humidity were higher than normal that year and a nasty cramp in my calf surfaced around mile 17.  Stopping to stretch off and on helped for a little bit, but eventually the only option was to walk it in.  Good thing I had my phone.

I called my mom and dad first.  They wondered if I had quit. 

"No I didn't quit" I told them, as I continued to make my way to the finish line. It looked and felt different... but I signed up for the race, trained hard and was planning to finish what I started.  

How about you?

Is someone or some thing telling you to walk off the course?  Is that someone you?

Obviously a medical issue is a different story.  But if YOUR OWN MIND is the one telling you to quit...I encourage you to stay the course, trust the process, believe in yourself and cross the finish line...whatever it takes!

You owe it to yourself!  And you don't have to go at it alone!  I called all sorts of people that day... to help pass the time as I stayed the course.

And that's where we can come in for you!  We can help you stay the course! We have helped hundred of people overcome obstacles and cross the finish line to reach their goals.  It takes work and effort and there might be blisters the size of quarters on your feet, but the victory is worth it!  Check out some of our success stories to see what I mean!

Want to know more?  Reply to this email and let's chat more.

Ready to help you stay the course,

Tracy F

Puravida Fitness