Failure is an Event Not a Person

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The other night I read a great quote from Zig Ziglar, a well known author and motivational speaker.  It said "Remember, failure is an event, not a person."

It got me thinking of times I had failed.  Not just one or 2 times, but multiple times...

  • Gymnastics in 2nd grade.  Hard as I tried, I did not match up to Olympian Nadia Comaneci.
  • Driver's permit test - on my 15th birthday.  The testing machine sounded like a honking goose for each wrong answer! I heard it a lot! 
  • Driver's license test - on my 16th birthday.  The pole touched the ground when I parallel parked.  First thing I did. Automatic fail.
  • Reading Comprehension segment of the Teacher Certification Test.  Missed it by three. Couldn't teach right out of college because the test wasn't offered again until October.
  • Certified Personal Trainer Exam.  Another test.  Missed it by one.  Got to pay more money to take it again.

My list could keep going. And though these are mostly tests, they ARE all events.  

I'd be lying though if I said I didn't FEEL like a failure.  I'll never forget walking out to my dad in the waiting room at the Driver's Exam Station. Not once but twice I got to tell him I didn't pass.  There have been better birthdays!  And yes...we did stop for ice cream! 

It's only natural to feel like a failure.  Right?

But what if we changed our thinking?

What if I had told myself "You are not a failure.  You need more practice parallel parking to develop a confident frame of mind to dominate that test."  I would've been more calm and more confident with those types of thoughts floating through my head.  

How we THINK and WHAT we tell ourselves matters. And like it or not, it has a big impact our daily lives - especially our nutrition.  

We launched a great new nutrition program back in January because people needed something more than just counting macros and calories. Clients who had been stuck for years in the weight loss department saw the scale move with this program. 

What was different? 

This BOD SQUAD program focuses on creating habits and developing a solid mindset that speaks life rather than death into ourselves.  And because we've seen so many people MADE NEW, we are giving it a new name for fall - YOU 2.0 - Fall Into Fitness.

Ever told yourself anything like this:

  • I will never lose weight
  • I don't like to cook
  • My clothes are too tight
  • I'm too busy to plan my food
  • I just gotta get through menopause

If you have felt like a failure with your nutrition, need a fresh start, or need some extra coaching and accountability, you are not alone!  This program is for you! 

Our YOU 2.0 - Fall into Fitness - Nutrition Coaching Program kicks off next Tuesday, September 13 with a Mindset Matters webinar at 7:30PM. 

This program includes:

  • Weekly webinars to teach, motivate and keep you accountable
  • Daily content, action plans, and check-ins via our MY COACH APP
  • Weekly check in calls with our coaches
  • A customized nutrition plan
  • Weekly fitness and mindset challenges to push you forward
  • Before and after assessments with our coaches

I have gained some great insight with this program and have also seen the scale move.  Focusing on nutrition and mindset at the same time is a perfect recipe for success! 

I hope you will join us!

Tracy Farrell

Puravida Fitness