Is It Time To Get Serious About Your Nutrition?

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When it comes to transforming your body, nutrition is 80% of your success.

You simply cannot outwork poor nutritional habits. 

Don't get me wrong. Exercise is vital for weight loss and reshaping your body. But if you don't put the necessary effort into your nutrition, you will never look the way you want to.

Just the other day I was talking to a woman who claimed she was eating healthy and could not understand why she wasn't getting leaner since she was going to the gym too. A little further investigation revealed that she was partaking in a few adult beverages each day which is her real issue. 

Conversations like these are all too common. People need to be educated on what it really takes in the nutrition department to move forward and see the results they want and deserve.

In my 28 years of coaching people with nutrition, here are are three ways people stay stuck even though they are trying to eat better and exercise.

1. No rhythm to their nutrition. Your metabolism likes rhythm.  Many people are all over the board with their nutrition. Success is not sexy or cool. It's actually boring. Getting into what we call a "stupid simple" rhythm of eating the same foods around the same times each day works best for most people since they are busy.

2. Playing from behind.  In Boy Scouts the motto was "always be prepared."  Shopping for healthy food, and prepping and planning your meals for the week is a game changer.  Too often people don't have a proactive plan. They are reactive which means "grab and go" options for food which (more times than not) are not good choices.

3. Allowing "metabolic disrupters" in frequently. Many people eat healthy but allow things like refined sugar, alcohol, and processed foods to sneak in among the healthy foods.  Doing this 1x/week isn't a big deal. But when it happens every few days it literally screws ups your chemical and hormonal environment which needs to be in balance to burn fat.

These are just 3 issues I commonly see that keep people stuck but there are many more.  As a coach I can find your specific roadblocks and help you come up with a plan to overcome them and get your metabolism working the way it should.

The most important factor is YOU.

Are you ready to get serious about your nutrition?

For those who want to get serious and dial in their nutrition to the point where your metabolism becomes an efficient fat burning machine then check out our 6-WEEK FALL INTO FITNESS NUTRITION PROGRAM.  

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-Your own customized nutrition plan

Here is Sherri - one or our awesome clients - with her testimonial on how our 6-Week challenge helped her.

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Dedicated to your results,

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness