It Takes Courage to SEE BEAUTIFUL

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Yesterday was the 40th running of the Twin Cities Marathon - The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America! If you are like me, you stop everything to take it all in.  Marathon Day is one of my favorite days of the year! A happy place! So much goodness packed into one perfect fall day! And yesterday was no exception!

34 years ago my friend and I were curious.  What is the marathon anyway?  It was hard to visualize people running 26.2 miles from the Metrodome in Minneapolis to the Capitol in St. Paul.   

So without the assistance of Google maps, runner tracking apps or cell phones, we headed to St. Paul to "find the marathon."  We rolled down our windows, drove up the Snelling Avenue hill and listened for people cheering.  Sure enough we found it!   

And boy were we inspired! 

The road on Summit Avenue was loaded with runners!  Not just elite runners competing for the win, but people like you and me. People running their own race... at their own pace...surrounded by beautiful.  

Not only that, but the curb sides were loaded with fans! People were watching, cheering, playing their trombones, blasting their music, holding fun signs or using a megaphone to cheer their runner on. It seemed like the whole Twin Cities metro area was taking in the beauty or running in the race.  Aside from all that, the fall colors in Minnesota were glorious! 

As we watched the runners cross the finish line, I remember thinking to myself..."if they can do this, I can do it too."  

And that was the start of my marathon running.  I discovered the half marathons and the 10 mile races too and was blessed to SEE BEAUTIFUL in all of them...

It's hard to explain all of the feels that go with running long distances. In 2005, the theme of the marathon was SEE BEAUTIFUL.  The marathon poster from that year describes it well.  It goes like this: 

To see Beautiful, it must be experienced with all the senses – it is a fusion of emotions that touch deep into the heart and reveal pictures that need not be seen, but must be lived.

Beautiful is the dawn's silence awakened by rhythmic beating of hearts echoing footsteps in their path. Beautiful is the clear crisp air drifting softly between towers of steel that stand like giant spectators applauding in the wind.

Beautiful are the lofty oaks releasing crimson petals like raindrops from the sky. Beautiful is the rippling water as it runs swiftly along your side. Beautiful is the energizing strength of a sound when it is sharpened into music or a supporting cheer.

Beautiful are the eyes of the young and the old, for they aspire as one.  Beautiful are the memories of those we run for. Beautiful is the child waiting patiently for a loved one to run by and Beautiful is the hero that person becomes with a simple kiss blown in the breeze.

Beautiful is the bond between friends… made inseparable through the miles. Beautiful are the tears... of frustration... of joy... of accomplishment. Beautiful are the emotions of one last long mile, lined with the stunning faces of people who will never have names.  Beautiful is that final stride and the stories that now will be told - all of which proclaim "I have seen Beautiful."  (written by Orange Seed Design).

Why am I telling you this?  

I would not have seen all the Beautiful, traveled hundreds of miles by foot around the Twin Cities, hit some personal bests, missed some personal bests, persevered through setbacks and made treasured memories with my sister and my friends, if I didn't have the courage to start. 

First comes the commitment in your head and then the training plan. 

It's not easy, but you have to start somewhere.  

And we are here to help!  If YOU want to SEE BEAUTIFUL while running from Minneapolis to St. Paul to cross the finish line next October, hit the button below and let's chat!  

Maybe 26.2 miles isn't for you but a new fitness plan is needed.  There is plenty of Beautiful to be seen there too and we can help!  Just hit the button below to schedule a time to chat. 

Ready to get you on a path to success and cheer you on every step of the way! 

Tracy Farrell