Don't Sell Your Soul To Gain The World

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Matthew 16:26 says:  "What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?" 

Let me tell you a story, one that completely relates to this passage.

Years ago I had this client named Don. 

Don was very successful in the business world. He made lots of money and lived a lavish lifestyle.

His theme was "work hard and play hard."

His "playing hard" consisted of lots of drinking and eating. He would often joke about how "bad" he had been when he came into our Monday sessions.

This 'theme' left him severely obese.  In addition, he had several health risk factors but he didn't care.  Don was making lots of money and enjoying life.  In his eyes, he had 'gained the whole world."

Eventually, Don sold his business and made a killing on the deal.  He had more money than he ever had dreamed of and all kinds of time now that he was retired. 

His plan was to travel and ride off into the sunset living a life of luxury doing anything and everything he dreamed of.

The plan was cut short.

Within a year Don passed away from a heart attack. His bad habits had finally caught up with him.

He had gained the whole world in terms of money and things but "lost his soul."  Don ended up giving his life in exchange for his soul. Was it worth it?  Was all the time spent working, drinking, partying worth it?  Ultimately, his lifestyle of excess cost him his life.

Unfortunately I see a lot of potential  "Don's" in the world.  Folks who are "losing their souls" to poor lifestyles. Lifestyles that WILL eventually cost them their souls.  

It is not too late.

If you relate to "Don," you can turn it around. You can gain the world and still have your soul.  I've coached thousands of folks in my life and I understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle - as well as living a good life.  

Let me help you escape the cycle of excess and learn to live a life based on healthy habits and moderation.

We will build a solid structured plan with accountability that will do wonders to building lifelong habits and behaviors.  Habits and behaviors to not only have more quantity of life but also quality.  

In just 3 months you can dramatically change your health. Our 12-week transformation plan is our BEST to transform your body and your life.

Don't stay in a state of "Don."

Let's talk.

Hit the CONTACT US button to schedule a Success Session with us where we will come up with a REALISTIC and EFFECTIVE plan to give you the health and life you want and deserve - for years to come.

Dedicated to your results,

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness