Don't Let This Be You in 2022!

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1 Corinthians 10:23 says:

I have the right to do anything, you say—but not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything—but not everything is constructive."

This passage is very relevant because today is the first official day of the holiday season.  A holiday season that tends to find us overindulging and doing all the things that are not beneficial or constructive.  

It's typically a season where we slide...

We dig into our kids' Halloween candy filling our bodies with sugar. As a result, our metabolism becomes out of whack and our bodies become inflamed.

The weather gets colder and we tend to be less active. What happens? We become sedentary and our bodies adjust by storing more fat.

Of course, Thanksgiving is right around the corner which typically begins the feasting through Christmas and New Year's Eve...a period laced with higher than normal alcohol and treats. All this added sugar causes our bodies to store fat at a higher rate.

All of this is a perfect recipe for gaining the average five pounds of fat that most Americans do during the holidays. 

Look at the picture above.  It shows just exactly what 5 pounds looks like.  It's kinda gross. And who really wants to be lugging that around on a daily basis?  Remember, "You have the right to do anything...but not everything is beneficial or constructive."

With weight gain, we lose momentum towards any long term goals.  Most of us try to restart our weight loss journey once again after the holidays.  Can you say 'New Year's Resolution?'   Unfortunately, the truth is - on average - a New Year's plan has an 80% failure rate by February.

It's insane, isn't it? 

Yet we keep doing the same thing each year expecting things to be different.  I'm here to tell you it isn't.  Your story won't change unless you make the change now.

Yes, it is good and permissible to enjoy yourself during the holidays. But the way most people do it is not constructive. In fact, it's destructive to long term health.

In the past we have used the words "survive" and "maintenance" during the holidays but these words imply that you are coasting. And coasting implies a lack of momentum, which means you are going downhill.

Why not CHANGE OUR STORY and make this year different?

It is possible to move forward while enjoying some holiday treats and festivities.  As a matter of fact, I encourage you to.  I'm not one to turn down that awesome slice of pumpkin pie or to deprive myself from trying all the yummy Christmas treats.  I just recognize the need for balance - even during this time of celebration.

Balance keeps momentum going and allows you to enjoy the season without the New Year's hangover.  

My team and I have created our CHANGE THE STORY 2022 program designed especially to help you navigate the tough holiday season.

Our CHANGE THE STORY program includes:

  • Weekly nutrition webinars with tactics and mindset strategies to help you win the "Battle of the Bulge"
  • Weekly check ins with a coach to keep you balanced and on track
  • A holiday recipe guide to help you enjoy all the yummy flavors of the season without going overboard
  • Weekly fitness challenges designed to keep you moving and prevent the fat from creeping up
  • Daily content in our My Coach app to remind you to Change The Story
  • A big FITMAS Tree workout challenge to end the year with a BANG

All this will not only have you enjoying the holiday season, but also feeling great once the new year rolls around.  

We kick this off Monday November 14th. Sign up between now and November 7th and you'll get a special gift - our early bird rate of $119. After that the price goes up to $149.

Wouldn't you like to change the story, Tracy?

Let's make this year the year you allow balance to prevail and momentum to carry you through the rest of 2022.

This can still be your year.

Go here to grab one of the 15 spots at the EARLY BIRD RATE!

Dedicated to helping you finish strong!

Erik Peacock 

Puravida Fitness