Beating The Candy Hangover.

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What's better than Proverbs 25:16 right now?

It literally says...

"When you discover something sweet, don’t overindulge and eat more than you need, for excess in anything can make you sick of even a good thing."

We've got a house full of Halloween candy. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and all the holiday treats are about to make their entrance.  It's a perfect storm for overindulging and eating more than you need.

If you know me, I NEVER advocate for completely cutting out ALL treats. In fact I coach my clients to eat some "fun foods" each week.

The key is to stay within reason.

However, reason can easily get thrown out the window for many of us as we raid their kids' candy supply from Halloween and start to enjoy all the cookies and pies.  It's easy to experience a "Halloween hangover" from all that sugar.

Don't let this be the start of a slippery slope for the rest of the year.

Refined sugar is toxic to the body. So much so that studies done with rats have shown it resembles the effect of cocaine. 

Here are some examples on how over consuming sugar wreaks havoc in your body:

  • Sugar kills "good" bacteria in the gut severely hindering things like immune function and metabolism which will also cause digestive issues.  
  • Sugar increases inflammation in the entire body and will cause joint issues like arthritis to flare up.
  • Sugar consumption will elevate insulin levels causing your body to be in an accelerated fat storing state where you rapidly pack on fat around your midsection.

Did you overdo it last week?

Okay, it happened.  So now what?  Don't beat yourself up.  But let's also not keep sliding down the slippery slope.

You've got choices....

You can give in to overindulgence and go into "holiday mode" just letting whatever happen happen. 

I wouldn't recommend this.

You can go into "maintenance mode." God, I hate that word.  Maintenance implies you are coasting and coasting means you are going downhill. Maintenance ALWAYS gives ground and really is going backwards. And besides, how do you get into maintenance mode for the holidays?

Finally, you could actually change your story in 2022 to one of triumph and end the year strong carrying momentum into the new year.

To do this you will need an effective battle plan.

The good news is we have it for you.

Our CHANGE THE STORY Program is a multifaceted approach designed to get you a STRONG FINISH at the end of 2022.

It includes:

  • Weekly nutrition webinars that give you tactics and strategies to successfully navigate the tricky holiday season.
  • Weekly fitness challenges designed to keep you moving to keep you in a calorie deficit when it is too easy to lay around and become sedentary.
  • A customized holiday workout plan that is realistic and effective made for your busy schedule.
  • A holiday meal plan loaded with delicious holiday recipes that are actually healthy.
  • The FITMAS Tree Challenge giving you a specific event to train for and end your year on a high note.
  • Weekly check in calls with one of our coaches to keep you on track and focused through the end of the year.

It all kicks off with our SUPER SATURDAY on Saturday, November 12th at 8am.  

We only have 10 spots left so grab yours by hitting the contact button and don't let access make you sick of even a good thing.  Let me teach you how to enjoy the holidays without the guilt and stress of feeling sick.

Grab your spot here

Dedicated to helping you finish strong in 2022!

Erik Peacock

Puravida Fitness

P.S. If your gut is hating you right now from all the candy reply to this email to learn about our SUPER GUT 30 DAY DETOX plan that restores order and removes toxins from your digestive tract, liver, and kidneys.