• 1:1 personal training

    Individual personal training allows for more customization and works better for people who need more flexibility in their schedules.

    We match you with a trainer who has the best skill set for your goals as well as meets the demand of your schedule.

    Sessions can be done in the gym or virtually.

    • Group training

    Looking for group training workouts that feel individualized to you? Our workouts are phased out month by month and are progressive so that each week group training participants see changes and progress in their bodies and performance.

    These workouts integrate multiple components of fitness which include:

    • Flexibility/joint mobility to help participants move better and perform exercises more effectively
    • Strength and toning for the entire body.
    • Core training to tighten the mid-section and prevent injuries
    • Metabolic conditioning to melt body fat

    Another benefit of group training is the support and encouragement of other class members. Many great friendships have been formed in our classes! And don't worry, our trainers are excellent at modifying for injuries and different levels of fitness.

    We have both in the house or virtual options as well as a combination of both

    • Nutrition coaching

    We use the Precision Nutrition coaching model which is rooted in science and real-world research. In some ways, it's the direct opposite of a diet. And it's why our clients have been so successful.

    Precision Nutrition uses a nutritional progression model that helps you change your habits. Progressive and effective plans can be designed to meet the client where they are at, whether they are a busy mom trying to lose some weight and feel better to an elite athlete looking to compete at the top level. Ongoing accountability and check-ins help clients build a foundation of good nutrition habits and knowledge that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

    • Online training

    This allows us to work with clients remotely. We provide structure and accountability using our special online training app which allows people to access their specific programs and lays out an online schedule. Clients do weekly check-ins to stay accountable and get coaching in order to keep them on track with their goals.

    We have had several clients get great results doing this type of training.